What’s This Man Cave?

This is a virtual sanctuary where those of us guys living with diabetes can hopefully find a place to share our stories about what’s getting to us, from the men’s perspective.

I am a guy in his mid-30s, who’s been living with Type 1 for a few decades since I was a kid. During the past decade, I’ve started experiencing complications that range from very mild retinopathy to neuropathy that has led to shooting pain in my feet, toes and legs at worst. My wife and I have been married for several years, and despite trying to start a family off-and-on and actively at times, we haven’t been able to. We’ve gone through IUI unsuccessfully, and tests show that it’s likely me as the root cause here. I fear that my time “uncontrolled” as a teenager, when my A1Cs were in the high teens, resulted in below-the-belt nerve damage and ED that comes and goes now.

This is my place to share these stories, as well as hear from any others who are going through these issues.


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